TMJ Arthroscopy

Malfunctioning of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can be a major inconvenience. It can cause a wide-range of symptoms that hinders your ability to live everyday life healthy and happily. As a result, if you have a TMJ disorder, it’s essential to seek treatment. One of the most effective ways to diagnose and treat TMJ disorder is with a TMJ arthroscopy. During arthroscopic jaw surgery, your oral surgeon inserts an arthroscope (a pencil-thin, lighted tube) into the jaw joint through a small incision in the skin. There is a small camera attached to the arthroscope that transmits close-up images of the TMJ joint to a TV monitor. Your oral surgeon can then insert surgical instruments through the arthroscope to do surgery on the joint and prevent any need for more surgical incisions.

What is tmj in Pembroke Pines?

Dr. Payton has pioneered this Arthroscopic surgery procedure, done in our Aventura location, to save our patients the cost of having it done in the hospital!


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