Oral Surgery Pembroke Pines | How to Prepare for a Successful Oral Surgery

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Oral Surgery Pembroke Pines | How to Prepare for a Successful Oral Surgery

The last thing anyone would want is to go under the knife. But if your dentist says that regular treatments won’t be enough to fix your oral problem, the only thing you can do is to prepare yourself for an oral surgery Pembroke Pines. Here are some tips to prepare for a successful oral surgery:

Ask Your Dentist

It is important that you know the reason behind your oral surgery Pembroke Pines. It is also important that you know what is expected during and after the surgery. Knowing what is expected to happen will help you mentally and physically prepare.

Use Comfortable Clothes

Wear something comfortable. If you plan to have IV sedation, it is better if you wear short-sleeved garments. Skip wearing your piercings, especially if it is on your lips, tongue, or cheeks. It is also advisable to put on a lip balm because the long procedure may cause your lips to be chapped.

Know the Do’s and Don’ts of Eating, Drinking, and Smoking

There are cases wherein the dentist will require you to go on a fast before surgery, especially if you are going to go through sedation or general anesthesia. Ask your dentist about this.

Do not be Ashamed to Say How You Feel

If you feel anxious and nervous, let your dentist know. Deep breathing exercises can help you relax and calm down. The entire dental team will also help you loosen up before you go through surgery.

Get a Ride Home

Sedatives are known to mess with your motor skills and can sometimes give you hallucinations. It is safer if you ask for a ride home instead of driving your car to avoid any accidents.

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Need an Oral Surgery Pembroke Pines?

Make sure the dentist who will handle your oral surgery Pembroke Pines is experienced and uses updated technology. At Oral Facial Reconstruction, we offer you the highest level of treatment for all of your oral facial problems. Call us today for any inquiries or make an appointment online!

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