Going Home

Prior to hospital discharge, you must be able to drink fluids well and take in the puree meals as well as take oral medications.

You can go home when you're up and around, you have no signs of complications, and any nausea is under control. Before you leave, you'll be told how to reduce pain, swelling, and nausea at home. You'll also be given prescriptions for medications to help control these problems.

Recovering at Home

Your job now is to keep yourself comfortable and help your body heal quickly. Make sure to get plenty of calories and protein. Get up and move around, but avoid strenuous activity. Be sure to get lots of rest. Keeping your mouth and teeth clean will help the incisions heal.

If upper jaw surgery was performed, do not blow your nose after surgery for 2 weeks. You may sniff backwards, but do not blow. Blowing your nose too soon after surgery can increase the risk of infection, increase facial swelling and may increase the chances of bleeding.

You may have a splint (like an orthodontic retainer) on the roof of your mouth after surgery to help stabilize your upper jaw and facilitate the healing process. Your oral surgeon will remove the splint at the appropriate time; usually 4 to 6 weeks after surgery.

You may take a sponge bath and wash your hair the second day after surgery. Do not take a hot shower. Hot water may increase swelling and could make you light-headed and pass-out.

Some minor nasal bleeding up to 7 to 10 days post surgery is not uncommon, as this is part of the healing process of the sinuses as they clean themselves out. However, if in the rare occurrence of severe nasal bleeding, then you must go immediately to the closest emergency room.

Do not lift more than 10 pounds during the first-month post surgery.



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